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The “Tattoo History Feature Articles” section of Buzzworthy Tattoo History offers insightful, original research on various aspects of tattoo history, synthesized from a multitude of sources—everything from genealogical documents and newspaper articles to tattoo artifacts and archival material.

There’s a treasure trove of untapped tattoo history waiting to be explored!!

Tattooed Trade figures inspired by fine art replicas

‘Battleship Kate’ tattooed trade figure next to the “Greek Slave’

2017 Buzzworthy Tattoo History Research Articles:

Tom Riley: The Making of a Tattooist: the article unveils a tattoo artist’s alias and possibly also the very first lady tattoo artist.

Tattooed by O’Reilly: The First Electrically Tattooed Attractionsa complement to the “Early Tinkerers of Electric Tattooing” feature, presenting Sam O’Reilly’s pre-patent experiments with an electric machine.

Battleship Kate: New York City’s Tattooed Sailor Groupie, the surprising story of a tattooed trade figure inspired by a real-life, early-nineteenth century New York character named Marion Riess and a famous fine art statue.

Percy Waters Tattoo Production Flash

Tattoo Time Capsule at the Henry Ford. Image from the Collections of the Henry Ford Museum.

Also be sure to read the December 2016 feature, Tattoo Time Capsule at the Henry Ford, examining several intriguing items in the Henry Ford Museum’s tattoo collection relating to:

Detroit’s Percy Waters, and three lesser known tattooers, William Fowkes and John A. Walker from England, and Harry Lawson.

Harry Lawson actually has a long, interesting history that connects to many tattooers in many cities. Since his story is so varied, I’ve been incorporating my research into a number of different Buzzworthy Tattoo History articles to present it as relevantly as possible. Links are included in this feature article and other related Lawson posts. You can also locate them via the blog post links on the sidebar and with the search button.

Harry Lawson also played a role in Boston Tattoo History. For a great story about Harry Lawson stealing tattoo equipment from Boston’s premier tattoo artist Frank Howard when they were partners, see the Tattoo Archive’s 2014 Frank and Annie Howard Life & Times Booklet.

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