online_digital_watermark_textBuzzworthy Tattoo History Logo

The beautiful Buzzworthy Tattoo History logo, so kindly painted by tattoo artist Nick Ackman, is based on the iconic ‘hand holding a tattoo machine’ illustration designed by some clever, but unknown, innovator in tattooing’s past.

The genius of the design is that it’s instantly recognizable and conjures the significantly meaningful experience of operating a tattoo machine. In years past, this evocative symbol of the tattoo trade made for an effective advertising tool.

Charlie Wagner, William Fowkes, Percy Waters, and Milton Zeis are several well-known tattoo suppliers, who used the image (with some variation) to label and promote the selling points of their tattoo machines in supply catalogs and on fliers.


This ‘hand holding a dental plugger’ illustration comes from an 1873 Science Record.

The dental Plugger was one of the earliest electrical devices adapted for tattooing.


The invention of electric tattoo machines is owed, in part, to dental pluggers; the first patented electrical handheld devices.


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