Old Film Clips Featuring Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Shops, & Tattooed People

1931 Keeping Away Cold, British Pathè
Tattoo artist tattooing a woman’s back

1936 Painting the Lily, British Pathè
British tattoo artist George Burchett

1937 Unusual Occupations
Tommy Lee and lady tattoo artist Millie Hull in Bowery tattoo shop

1937 Burton’s Arcade, Chicago, British Pathè
434 S. State Street, Chicago, Mickey Kellet tattooing Social Security numbers

1942 Tattoo Soldiers, British Pathè
Soldiers describing their tattoos

1940s Coney Island 
Features Coney Island sideshows, including Frank Graf tattoo artist banner at 1:37

1946-1947 Home Movie, Uncredited
Features sword swallower Alex Linton (12:57), tattooed lady Betty Broadbent (13:15), and tattooed strongman (13:29) Rasmus Nielsen with Ringling Bros. in New York

1950 The Tattooed Stranger
Scene 1: Pictures No. 4 Bowery, tattoo shop of Willie Moskowitz
Scene 2: Pictures Phil Duane’s Sands Street tattoo shop at 22:46 

1952 Coney Island
Tattooing at 16:37

1952 Woman Tattooist, British Pathè
British woman tattoo artist Jessie Knight

1954 Tattoo Club, British Pathè
Les Skuse’ Bristol Tattoo Club

1956 What’s My Line?
Denver, Colorado tattoo artist William F. Neely at 10:25

1958 What’s My Line?
Ogden, Utah lady tattoo artist Duchess Geyer at 3:04

1964 The Diary of a Tattoo Artist, Doc Forbes, CBC Archives
Doc Forbes’ Vancouver B.C. Tattoo Shop

1967 Tattooed Lady of Riverview Park
Jean Fiorella aka Jean Carroll, Cliff Raven

1969 Soc Sci 127
Danny Lyon’s film about Houston, Texas tattoo artist Bill Sanders

1985 Golden Child
West Coast Tattoo 5th & Main, Los Angeles

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